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  • Your closest Mediterranean tourist centre - 'We come to Porec several times a year because it is close, only a 5 hour drive from Milano' Giovanni e Tosca Juliani, Italia

Welcome to Poreč

Poreč is at your fingertips and is an attractive automobile destination!
You have chosen the City of Mosaics for your sunny spring getaway, summer holiday or autumn gastronomic weekend and now all you have to do is decide what mode of transportation to use to get there.
You can get to the Poreč coast by land by taking a automobile, bus or train.  Those who love blue expanses can set sail on the Adriatic Sea and dock at one of Istria's harbours and marinas or fly into the nearest airport by plane.
Many roads lead to Poreč; your chosen destination is nearby:

  • Amsterdam  - Poreč    1396 km
  • Warsaw  - Poreč    1241 km
  • Berlin   - Poreč    1152 km
  • Prague - Poreč       871 km
  • Zürich - Poreč       763 km
  • Bratislava  - Poreč       591 km
  • Munich   - Poreč       564 km
  • Vienna  - Poreč       546 km
  • Budapest - Poreč       604 km
  • Milan - Poreč       496 km
  • Zagreb - Poreč       249 km
  • Ljubljana - Poreč       162 km
  • Trieste  - Poreč        77 km
All you need now is some useful information and your Istrian adventure can begin immediately.

We welcome you to Poreč!

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